Return Policy

All sales are final on Zhiffy, however,  if a dispute arises we will try our best to resolve the issue.

Buyers can request a return by visiting their profile>My Orders>Select Order> Raise Dispute.

A buyer can request a return within  12hours  of confirmed delivery if one or more of the following apply:

  • The item is not as it was described in the listing

  • The item is potentially counterfeit

  • The item is Prohibited

  • The item is damaged

  • The item is defective

  • The wrong item was received

Except in cases where the seller and buyer have agreed, an item cannot be returned.

  • If the item is being returned, buyer has to raise a request for a return within a day from the time of delivery, stating the reasons for returning the item.

  • Once a return request has been raised, the payment will be held by Zhiffy.

  • You will have two days from the time of the request to discuss and reach a resolution with your seller.

  • If your seller agrees to return and refund, discuss the process of return. We suggest arranging a tracked delivery.

  • If no resolution is reached, the case will be automatically escalated to Zhiffy Support Team.

  • Zhiffy will try to resolve the issue as a neutral participant. And for this reason, Zhiffy Support team may ask for any further information needed.

Cancelation Policy

For Buyers:-

If the buyer wants to cancel an order, he can follow the below process. A transaction fee of 2% will be levied.

  • Buyers can ask their sellers to cancel the order placed before the product is shipped, or within 3 hours after placing the order (whichever is first). However, it’s up to the seller to agree or deny the request. 

  • If the seller agrees and we confirm that the order hasn’t shipped, we’ll refund the original form of payment. If the seller doesn’t ship the order or respond to the cancellation request within 12 hours, we’ll refund the original form of payment deducing a transaction fee of 2%.

For Sellers:-

  • To avoid cancellations, we suggest sellers keep their listings up to date and ship orders as soon as possible.

  • Frequent cancellations may impact your sales, and ratings on Zhiffy. or could result in a cancellation fee.

Accidents may happen sometimes, like, damaged products, shipping issues, etc. In such an event, a seller can cancel the transaction. If you are a seller and would like to cancel the transaction, reach out to the buyer and communicate if any.

Refund policy

Shop with confidence, we always thrive to protect the interest of users.

If the product received is not as described Zhiffy will refund your money.

A buyer is eligible for a refund if only these conditions are met:-

  • Item is exactly not as described.

  • There is undisclosed damage to the item.

  • The seller has not shipped the item.

  • Incorrect/missing item.

  • The dispute is raised within a day.

An item is not eligible for a return or refund for one of the following conditions:

  • Item was accurately described in the listing.

  • Item does not fit.

  • Changed mind.

  • Return request made more than a day after received.

  • Return request made after item rated.

  • Transaction conducted offline.

Zhiffy holds your payment securely until the product is delivered as described and the buyer confirms as specified. If the item received is not as described, the buyer can request a full refund within a day of receipt of the item.